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Keith Trautman

Insurance Underwriter

Many of our clients work with us because they are frustrated by huge premiums and deductibles, or they are concerned about the costs always going up, and others are worried that they can't find a plan that works for them.

I don't know if any of these pertain to you. If so, it would be worth a conversation. You can schedule a time with me on my calendar or give me a call.

Keith Trautman

As an independent broker, I can shop around multiple insurance companies and find the best possible options for your family and employees that will comfortably fit your budget.

Health Insurance

Are you paying an arm and leg for health insurance or maybe don't have any coverage at all right now? Avoid costly medical bills with an affordable health insurance alternatives.

Paycheck Protection

How much coverage is enough? Make sure your family is protected with enough coverage to provide for them when you are gone.

Mortgage Protection

Do you have a plan to pay your mortgage in the event of your death? Don't lose your family's most valuable asset due to poor planning.


Fully equipped & trained to provide professional financial services in the residential state of Minnesota , additional state licenses in many states

Happy clients

Jeff C

As a service provider, Keith works tirelessly for his clients. He isn't satisfied by doing what's needed; he always tries to provide the little extras that make his solutions go from good to best. You'll enjoy working with Keith and will be satisfied with his efforts.

kevin f

Keith is a business person possessing the highest integrity. Keith provides superb personal customer service. Keith knows how to craft win-win solutions effectively that make the most complex situations work.

Barbara F

Keith is an outstanding communicator and a high-energy individual focused on achieving definable goals. I value his integrity and willingness to help others. Partner with Keith in any capacity, and you and your company will thrive beyond your wildest expectations!

Anything is possible if a person believes ~ Mark 9:23

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